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Situated on the Harmoni Corner in downtown Jakarta, this building serves as a government bank, Bank Tabungan Negara, headquarter.

The 55,590 sq.m complex consists of three blocks of building:

- 23-story office tower offering 37,970 sq.m floor area
- 20-half-story 17,245 sq.m, above-ground parking area. The parking features a ballroom on top floor.
- 2-story neo-classical style existing building, refurbished to provide car access to the complex

The tower has a slenderness ratio of 5.4:1, which ranks among the most slender tall buildings in Jakarta with a total floor area around 55,590 sq.m.

The tower was engineered using post-tensioned concrete beams and shear walls as the structural lateral resisting element. The parking structure is post-tensioned beams framing, spanning in one direction only, and 20 mm thick pre-stressed slabs without secondary beams. Floor to Floor Height (FFH) is a mere 2.70 m.

This system speeded up the construction schedule because of the simplicity in formwork. Ramps were modeled as diagonal elements.

Owner : Bank Tabungan Negara
Architect : Parama Loka Consultant
General Contractor :