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This office building is located in Cempaka Putih, Jakarta with 25-story, 2-level basement and total floor area is ± 30,000 sq.m. Structural system : RC core and outriggers with steel frame, sitting on 1.0m and 1.2m dia. boredpile, seismically isolated with elastomer rubber bearings developed by Bridgestone, Japan.


The high damping rubber bearings will isolate the building from the severe ground movement that occurs  during earthquake, and will protect the building and its contents including the occupants. The super-structure must be rigid to take the full advantage of the system. For this building, we use RC core and outriggers as lateral resisting system. The isolation level is taken at foundation/B-2 level, and the building is supported by bored pile foundation. The fundamental period for fixed base structure and isolated one are 1.56 sec and 3.48 sec respectively. The shift in the period reflects the effectiveness of using base isolation system, where the lateral acceleration in the isolated structure during earthquake event will be much less than if it is not. 


Client :  Gudang Garam, Tbk

Architect : Anggara Architeam

Contractor : Murinda

Bearings: Bridgestone, Japan