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email : contact@davysukamta.com
incorporated since 1989

This 3-star resort hotel is located in an industrial area east of Surabaya. Developed on a 2.4 ha site, this hotel consists of 6 blocks of 3-story guest-wing and a main building with a total floor area of 10,530 sqm.

The guest-wing provides 125 standard rooms with a size of 36 sqm, 6 suite rooms with a size of 64 sqm and 4 apartment rooms. The hotel features a banquette hall for 600 people, swimming pool and health club.

Reinforced concrete is used for structural framing and steel frame is used for roof.

Owner : Griyamas Mukti Sejahtera (Ometraco Group)
Architect : Duta Cermat Mandiri