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The Puri Indah Financial Tower is a 23-story office building sitting on top of 4-story podium block and 4-level basement. The building has a total area of 66,688 sqm with the typical floor area of 2,000 sqm.


The structural system consists of dual RC core wall and ductile open frame. 


Since the location of the core is offset to one side of the building, the building is very sensitive to torsional effects during seismic and wind events. In order to address this issue, a rigid tube core wall with high torsional-stiffness is introduced. Using the proposed solution, 3-D Analysis shows significantly improve the behavior of the structure.


The building is completed in mid 2016.


Client :  Antilope Madju Puri Indah

Architect :  Arc Pac Buildings Indonesia & Arga Calista Disain

Contractor : Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Permai