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The Tempo Scan Tower is located on Jalan Rasuna Said, Jakarta. This 30-story building with 4-level basement, with total floor area is ±70.000 sq.m. The tower will accommodate 48,188 sq.m first class grades A office space. This beautiful tower is shaped by its façade. The façade was designed to create a three dimensional rotating pattern by the presence of vertical fins that stagger from one floor to the next, which gives the building a dynamic twisting effect. The structural systems are RC core wall and open frame, acting as dual system to resist seismic and wind load, sitting on 4-level basement with bored-piles as foundation. Excavation depth reached 17 meter from ground.

Owner : Tempo Realty
Architect : Arquitectonica, Hong Kong and Grahacipta Hadiprana, Jakarta
General Contractor : BAM Decorient Indonesia