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Located on a triangular site, the 33-story City Tower is far from the conventional and traditional building. Its shape speaks of asymmetry, dynamic composition and sleek shapes, by adopting the shape of a nautilus - a shape that suggests asymmetry yet centrality, order yet fluidity. The "nautilus" plan can be seen in sweeping lines and layered surfaces of the façade.

Standing proudly and beautifully in Jalan M. H. Thamrin Jakarta, this 33-story composite construction office building is topped with a unique spiraling steel and aluminum crown, reaching 30 m high. This building has also 5-level basement, used for parking, and sky-lounge on the top floor. On typical floors, 16 m free column office space, spanning from the core to the perimeter columns, will provide great flexibility for working space The structural system of the City Tower is a very modern one for Indonesian standard. It uses reinforced concrete core wall which acts as the lateral system, while the gravity system is a composite concrete-metal deck floor with partial composite steel truss, supported by "Super-Columns". The steel trusses span 16 m, fabricated from high-strength ASTM grade 50 steel beams, cut into two, and laced with steel pipes as diagonal chords. This type of truss does not need gusset plates, simple to fabricate, and provides space for the mechanical / electrical services.

The super-columns are composite infill steel tubes, using high strength concrete, grade 50 MPa. The steel tube gives high confinement effect, and acts together with the concrete to take the load of the building. To transfer the forces from the steel-beam to the composite column, a special connection detail has been developed. The steel beam flange is inserted into the steel pipe, and tension compression force on the flange is transferred by bearing action to the infill concrete. This type of construction has never been used before in Indonesia, but has gained wide acceptance in USA.

The City Tower is designed as a seismic resistant structure and is capable to resist 500-year earthquake with peak ground acceleration of 0.230 g.

Owner : Kencana Graha Mandiri
Architect : DPA Singapore and Arkonin Jakarta
General Contractor : Total Bangun Persada