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The Peak @ Sudirman is a prestigious apartment complex located in the central business district of Jakarta, comprising a total of four towers: two 35-storey towers and two 55-storeys.

From structural point of view, the 55-storey building is a very slender structure, and it challenged the structural engineers to come up with innovative solution to provide stability to the building. With slenderness ratio of 1:8, the stiffness of the building will become the predominant factor in the design, as the occupant's comfort during the strong wind has to be taken into consideration.

The Peak @ Sudirman uses a modern system of third (and latest) generation of structural system for tall building: core wall and outrigger system. It has three outrigger beams located at 10~12 floor, 21~23 floor and 32~34 floor. These outriggers transfer the core bending moment into axial forces in the outrigger columns, thereby making the structure much stiffer and more efficient. This system makes use the whole width of the building to overcome the overturning moment from earthquake or wind, and makes the building more stable.

The Peak @ Sudirman has been designed to withstand 500-year earthquake based on the New Indonesian Seismic Resistant Design Code for Buildings SNI 03-1726-2002 and 100-year wind. We have used the facility at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory Canada to predict the behavior of the building under strong wind, and proved that it will response satisfactorily.

The top floor acceleration during 10-year wind is 9.6 mg, well below the international criteria of 15 mg, to ensure occupant's comfort. It uses high-strength concrete of 55 MPa and it sits on concrete bored pile foundations, diameter 1.2 m, with allowable compression load of 570 tons-660 tons.

Owner : Agung Podomoro Group
Architect : DPA Singapore and Airmas Asri
General Contractor : Total Bangun Persada