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The Regatta is a 4-towers of luxury apartment development, 24 storeys each, which stands elegantly like ships with tall sails at the bay of Jakarta. It's part of a comprehensive program in Pantai Mutiara where the total development will consist of 10 apartment towers, a hotel and a theme-park.


The design concept is to use a nautical theme and orientate the buildings on the cardinal points of the compass, thus creating the best possible views of the beautiful waterfront for each phase of development. The sails on top of the towers use tensile membrane structure, which are supported by four pairs of 28.4 m high steel box masts on each side. The RC structure follows the shape of this sails by adjusting the cantilever slab portion, where all other main structural elements remain regular and repetitive. This is the key to the constructability of this building, and hence also the speed of construction.


As the project is built on reclaimed area, special study was given to liquefaction issue and the lateral capacity of the piles during earthquake. The effect of negative skin friction has been addressed in the pile design. Total number of 600 mm diameter piles used is 980 piles.

The first phase of this development, consisting of the four luxury 24-story with 368 units of high-class apartment, has been completed in the 4th quarter of 2008. Total floor area for Phase 1 is 90,353 sqm  


Owner          : Badan Kerjasama Mutiara Buana

Architect       : Atkins UK

Architect of record           : Atelier 6 Arsitek

General Contractor          : Total Bangun Persada