BMKG InaTEWS Jakarta & Bali – Seismically Isolated Structures

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BMKG InaTEWS Jakarta & Bali is part of the Indonesia Disaster Resilience Initiative Project (IDRIP) with one of its functions as operation center of the Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning Sys- tem. Construction of InaTEWS buildings are a national project under the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) with details as follows:

InaTEWS Jakarta

8 (eight) story building + 1 level of functional basement + 1-level basement for base isolation. Total Constructed Floor Area (CFA) ± 10,200 sq.m.

InaTEWS Bali

3 (three) story building + 1 level basement for base isolation, designed for tsunami effect. Total Constructed Floor Area (CFA) ± 3,000 sq.m.




PT Griksa Cipta

PT Griksa Cipta


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