Branz Mega Kuningan, JAKARTA

Construction work on Branz Mega Kuningan has achieved a significant milestone. By the end of 2022, construction of the tower floors is already visible rising above the podium structure. In order to improve construction quality, DSP collaborated with Shimizu Corporation to enable tower floor construction using a Japanese customary technique – PC half slab system. The topping concrete are placed in-situ and designed to act as a structural diaphragm as required by the SNI.

For improving seismic-resistance, the two towers are strategically-linked at the podium levels. Consistently, the podium floors were designed as a robust diaphragm system to facilitate the resulting huge structural forces.



Contractor :

Tokyu Land Indonesia (JO TMPP)

Shimizu Corporation & Anggara Architeam

Shimizu Corporation


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