BUMN Center Menara Danareksa Tower, JAKARTA (Value Engineering Project)

This office building has 21 stories with 1-level basement, located in Medan Merdeka Selatan with a very poor soil condition.

The contractor appointed Davy Sukamta & Partners to design the up-down construction system for the basement construction, with a plan to catch-up the tight schedule. The tower must proceed uninterruptedly when the mat foundation has been cast, requiring one part of the basement structure to be designed with up-down method. In this part, the king-posts must be able to take the load of ground floor plus 4 floors above.

The top-down and up-down basement construction method was finished in December 2021. 



Contractor :

Metropolitan Kentjana

D D G, Arc Pac& Anggara Architeam

Total Bangun Persada & Berca Buana Sakti JO

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