Earthwork Design For Dhoho Airport Kediri

Kediri airport is the first airport in Indonesia developed by a private company. Located 150 kilometres south-west of Surabaya, the airfield and associated buildings cover an area of 330 hectares. The earthwork design and construction are considered complex. The project consists of a cut and fill excavation up to 35 metres high on the slope of Mount Willis, which necessitated the use of various ground improvement techniques. Davy Sukamta & Partners is appointed as the earthwork consultant for this project.

At some areas, the steeper slopes with 26 meters high embankment require a special technique such as mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSEW) and ground improvement at its base. This is performed to provide global stability. Global stability of MSEW is checked using finite element analysis performed using Plaxis 2D software as illustrated below.



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