Gedung Parkir Transformasi Sarinah, JAKARTA

In the transformation of Sarinah building project, a 5-story parking structure was designed to facilitate the need of car park for Sarinah development.

The building is located in the special preservation zone. The impact due to the presence of the building need to consider the surrounding neighborhood. The Green space with terraces on the East side was designed in response to the Cultural Heritage Area. The structural steel system was proposed for faster construction and lighter structure that reduces the foundation load. This project was constructed using the available local steel material with high seismic ductility Steel special moment frame was designed as the main lateral resisting system for earthquake. The soil condition consists of very soft upper layer, and hydraulic static pile driving has been adopted to minimize the damage of surrounding buildings. The parking structure was completed in October 2021. 

This is the first steel structure in Indonesia designed to meet all the requirements of the four new structural steel design code issued in 2020, including seismic provisions and the connection detail requirements.





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