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Design and Construction of 7-level Basement Structure for a Supertall Building

On this event, Davy Sukamta presented the design and construction of a deep basement structure for the super-tall Indonesia-1 project in Jakarta. Indonesia-1 is a prominent development in Thamrin Street, with two towers reaching 303 meters high and seven levels of subterranean basement structure. Currently this is the deepest basement structure ever built in Jakarta. The excavation depth reaches 24.5 meters, occupying an area of 14,000 square meters. The gross floor area of the basement itself is 97,000 square meters, making the total constructed development’s floor area of 306,000 square meters.

The basement construction for this project adopted top-down method. Design considerations include many aspects, among others permanent retaining wall design, site constraints, availability of equipment and local expertise, suitable construction method and sequences selected, basement slab diaphragm action, ground water pressure, and foundation system.

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