Rising 162.6 metres above street level, this 52-storey and 42-storey Amartapura Condominium was the tallest apartment tower in Indonesia at the time it was completed. The towers contain 700 apartment units on a floor area of 97,000 square metres. A 7-storey above-ground car park with a total floor area of 20,000 square metres stands between the towers.


The superstructure uses a reinforced concrete flat slab as the gravity system with a floor-to-floor height of 3.0 metres. The high-rise structure utilises a core wall and 3-storey deep outrigger beams to resist lateral earthquake force and reduce wind sway. A comprehensive boundary layer wind tunnel study was carried out at Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory Ontario, Canada to assure structural safety, tenant comfort, and construction economy. The boundary layer wind tunnel study showed that the structure is stiff and produces 10g acceleration during 10 years of wind at the corner of the highest usable floor (Level-50).


The project has established a new record for Indonesia’s specified concrete strength of 60 MPa to reduce the column size and provide better stability for the structure. The foundation is a pile raft system, where the raft takes 15% of the total load and the rest is supported by 29-metre deep, high-capacity bored piles with a diameter of 1.2 metres and an allowable axial compression load of 750 tons. 


The total construction cost was 50 million USD.

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Previous Project

  • Location

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  • Client

    Lippo Hyundai Development
  • Architect

    PAI Jakarta
  • Building Height

    163 m
  • Floor Area

    97,000 m²