Two huge reinforced concrete box culverts, Charlie and Bravo, run across Kediri Airport runway with soil covers up to 24 meters. These box culverts are being constructed to divert the rivers and convey surface discharge to the river. The outside dimensions of Charlie culvert are 15.9 meters x 6.8 meters x 470 meters, while the dimensions of Bravo culvert are 7.3 meters x 10.9 meters x 570 meters. Figure above shows the rebar installation work for the Bravo culvert following excavation work in conformance with the culvert gradient design requirement.


Davy Sukamta & Partners was requested to conduct value engineering services to evaluate, modify, and optimize the design of the box culverts. The box culverts were originally designed by a world-class engineering consultant. With our value engineering, we were able to provide an alternative design solution, providing a substantial value to the project. This has resulted in massive amount of cost savings.

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Box Culvert for Dhoho Airport Kediri


  • Location

    Kediri, East Java
  • Year

    Under Design 2020
  • Client

    Surya Dhoho Investama
  • Contractor

    LMA Konsorsium
  • Site Area

    330 ha
  • Scope of Work

    Geotechnical Engineering, Value Engineering, and Resident Engineering