The Dhoho airport is built on a site with land area of 372 hec- tares of North-West of Kediri city, at the foot of Mount Willis. Most of the platform above the runway has high fill embank- ment and requires a Ground Improvement to mitigate consolidation settlement.


The design criteria for the maximum settlement due to embankment on the runway are 20mm/1 year and 100mm/10 years and differential settlement must meet the requirements for serviceability of 30mm/45m or 1:1500 based on the Interna- tional Civil Aviation Organization.


For the 23-meter-high fill embankment, the existing soil has been improved using the stone column (SC) method to mitigate consolidation settlement. These works were completed in September 2022.

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  • Location

    Kediri, East Java
  • Year

    Under Design 2020
  • Client

    Surya Dhoho Investama
  • Site Area

    330 ha
  • Scope of Work

    Geotechnical Engineering, Value Engineering, and Resident Engineering