Development of National Capital City or IKN in East Kalimantan continues. With a new capital comes a unique challenge in urban master planning. One of the key buildings is the Vice President’s Palace complex. Being separated from the Presidential Palace, the Vice President’s Palace at IKN will be situated on 150,000 square meters of land.


The overall complex consists of the office, palace, and residence buildings of the Vice President, positioned at the top of the site with numerous supporting buildings and landscape surrounding the palace as the focal point. The design concept combines natural forest, smart technology, and vernacular Indonesian architecture into one integrated development.


The contoured sites with unique soil characteristics, iconic architectural features, and logistical constraints, present interesting challenges to the engineering aspect of the project.

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  • Location

  • Year

    2024 (Under Design)
  • Client

    Government of Indonesia
  • Architect

  • Building Height Palace and Office of The Vice President

    18.37 m
  • Building Height Vice President's Residence

    20.63 m
  • Building Height Paspamrpres Mess

    30.24 m
  • Building Height Facility Building

    21.87 m
  • Basement Depth Palace and Office of The Vice President

    5.50 (14.70) m
  • Basement Depth Facility Building

    5.04 m
  • Site Area

    129,136 m²
  • Floor Area Palace and Office of The Vice President

    10,038.4 sq.m
  • Floor Area Vice President's Residence

    3,060.3 sq.m
  • Floor Area Paspamrpres Mess

    5,637.9 sq.m
  • Floor Area Facility Building

    3,338.9 sq.m
  • Scope of Work

    Foundation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering