Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering services have a proven track record of successfully delivering cost-efficient and high-performing structures. We design buildings across various project categories, customised to the needs of our clients.

We have implemented various technological innovations in Indonesia such as the use of core-wall and outrigger systems, base-isolation systems, performance-based seismic design, and the up-down construction method.

Highlighted projects for our structural engineering services include the Indonesia-1 Tower, Jakarta International Expo, Gudang Garam Office Tower, and Plaza Indonesia Extension project.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Tall Buildings
  • Deep Basements
  • Performance-based Seismic Design
  • Base-isolation System
  • Deep Basement Structure
  • Up-down Construction
  • Top-down Basement Construction

Geotechnical Engineering

With the client’s best interest as our main goal and technological innovation as our driving force, our highly versatile Geotechnical Engineering services have encompassed all kinds of projects.

Some of our projects include the application of post grouting, reduced bored pile length requirements of a supertall building, and completing earthwork and embankment designs of a vast fast-track international airport project.

Our expertise in this area has led us to create the deepest basements in Indonesia, post-grout bored-pile foundation and the first building in Indonesia using the up-down construction method.

Highlighted projects for our Geotechnical Engineering services include the Indonesia-1 Tower, Tempo Scan Tower, Plaza Indonesia Extension project, and Dhoho Airport Kediri.

The service covers the following areas:

  • Foundation Engineering
  • Deep Excavation
  • Retaining Structure
  • Earthwork and embankments
  • Ground Improvement

Structural Evaluation & Retrofitting

Our Structural Evaluation & Retrofitting services are designed to put our client’s minds at ease, ensuring structural resistance of their respective buildings. We use both national and international accepted code and standards as our basis of evaluation, combined with applicable retrofitting techniques that adhere to sound engineering principles.

We have evaluated and rehabilitated fire-damaged structures, including the Grand Bali Beach HotelGlodok Plaza, and Exim Melati. We have also conducted post-earthquake inspections for buildings such as the Tempo Scan Tower and Menara BCA.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Existing building evaluation
  • Post-earthquake inspections
  • Seismic evaluation and strengthening
  • Fire-damage rehabilitation

Site Supervision

Our Site Supervision services strategically combine well-trained and experienced site engineers with technical support from head office. With direct access to a wealth of technical knowledge and local best practice, our services have a specialised role in safeguarding the technical aspect of the overall QA program by assigning full time Resident Engineers working with the appointed Construction Management team.

Our project experience has demonstrated how this arrangement can significantly improve coordination and construction operation. Considering construction circumstances in Indonesia where excellence in workmanship is considered a rarity, our services bring a distinctive value.

Highlighted projects for our Site Supervision services include theWorld Trade Center 3, Anandamaya Residences, The Lana, and the box culverts of Dhoho airport.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Resident Engineer
  • Structural Inspection
  • Shop Drawings Review
  • Material Submission
  • Method Statement Review

Value Engineering

It takes more than basic knowledge of code requirements to uncover the true potential value of a project. We pride ourselves on working with our clients’ vision, combined with an in-depth understanding of engineering principles to deliver a truly optimised design.

Our Value Engineering services incorporate sound concept design principles and knowledge of best local material availability and local construction practices, to transform the vision of optimisation to actual project realisation.

Highlighted projects for our Value Engineering services include the Plaza Indonesia Extension and implementation of box culvert for Dhoho Kediri Airport.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Redesign for optimization
  • Redesign for constructability

Façade Engineering

From the longest world-recorded LED façade screen to the aesthetically curved Giant Canopy, our Façade Engineering services have enabled the architectural creation of visionary spectacles and amazing spaces.

Rigorous studies, complex engineering assessments, and the development of intricate 3D connections – all taking place behind the scenes, are routinely incorporated into this service.

Highlighted projects for our Façade Engineering services include the gigantic LED-illuminated façade for Taman Anggrek Mall – which currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest LED-illuminated façade. Other notable projects are the 40-meter span “Grand Canopy” of Grand Indonesia Mall, the pre-cast concrete façade for Pakubuwono View and Pakubuwono Signature, the Louis Vuitton façade in Plaza Indonesia, the “Giant Umbrella” canopy for W Hotel Bali, and the Cloud Canopy of Pondok Indah Mall-3.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Crown and canopy structure
  • Structural steel façade system
  • Precast concrete façade system

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology is now widely accepted as a powerful tool in advancing the construction industry. This technology allows detailed coordination across disciplines and stakeholders to take place during the design phase and provides a significant advantage to the project.

Our BIM services have taken various forms, from maintenance and synchronisation of modelling in large and complex development projects to high-tech processing of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data for design purposes.

Highlighted projects for our BIM services include the SQ Residenceand Jakarta International Expo.

The services cover the following areas:

  • Cross-discipline Coordination
  • Quantity schedule
  • Construction Sequence
  • Complex Detailing