South Quarter Residence

Construction of SQ RES structure has reached its final phase. Following 5-level basement completion in April 2022, Tower D has been recently topped-off in mid June while tower E is projected to be topped-off by end of July. Parallel to tower completion, steel works on elevated walkway and grand canopy are also underway.

Throughout the construction process, our Resident Engineers team were put in service in the best interest of the Client through a systematic QA program. Construction documents review and approval, such as shop drawings, material submissions, method of statement, are conducted using Work-From-Home (WFH) policy while site inspection work were implemented observing COVID-19 health protocol.

When fully completed, this property will raise the standards for smart living in Jakarta with its well-balanced design combining nature and urban environment.



Contractor :

Metropolitan Kentjana

D D G, Arc Pac& Anggara Architeam

Total Bangun Persada & Berca Buana Sakti JO

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