The Journey, BANDUNG

The Journey is a church complex located at Summarecon Bandung. Situated on an area of approximately 19,046 square meters, the development consists of three main buildings: the 4-story concert hall and museum, the 3-story commercial and function hall, as well as the 4-story dormitory.

The presence of a very soft clay layer is one of the challenging issues to address. It provides very low lateral and vertical resistance as well as a potential for excessive settlement. Therefore, ground improvement, special foundation studies, and site-specific response analysis are highly required.

Besides the challenge in geotechnical engineering, Davy Sukamta & Partners also needs to face a complex structural engineering design. The column-free architectural design of the function hall, plaza, and concert hall requires long-span steel structures for the roof to meet the design intent.

All piling work was completed in June 2023. The concrete structure of the Function Hall is expected to be completed by the end of November 2023 and will be continued with the construction of the Concert Hall/Museum, Dormitory Building, and steel roof structure. On this project, DSP provided a Resident Engineer to ensure compliance with the design drawing and specification.



Contractor :

Panitia Pembangunan Gereja GBI Bethel Summarecon Bandung

Sonny Sutanto Architects

Tatamulia Nusantara Indah

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