The Journey, BANDUNG

The Journey is a church complex located at Summarecon Bandung. Situated on an area of approximately 19,046 square meters, the development consists of three main buildings: the 4-story concert hall and museum, the 3-story commercial and function hall, as well as the 4-story dormitory.


The presence of a very soft clay layer is one of the challenging issues to address. It provides very low lateral and vertical resistance as well as a potential for excessive settlement. Therefore, ground improvement, special foundation studies, and site-specific response analysis are highly required.

Besides the challenge in geotechnical engineering, Davy Sukamta & Partners also needs to face a complex structural engineering design. The column-free architectural design of the function hall, plaza, and concert hall requires long-span steel structures for the roof to meet the design intent.



Panitia Pembangunan Gereja GBI Bethel Summarecon Bandung

Sonny Sutanto Architects


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